Every parent knows how difficult it can be when you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day. Kids are bundles of energy. Without space to run around and tire themselves out, kids can end up restless and bouncing off the walls in no time.
But fear not, we’ve compiled fun and engaging indoor activities that will keep them occupied for hours and hours. Stock up on materials now or just use what you already have lying around the house and you'll be ready to face each indoor day with a smile.


When the weather’s rubbish, it’s the perfect opportunity to dig out all your board games and challenge the kids to a game or two. Board games are a great way to challenge kids to engaging in friendly competition, learning to win or lose with grace. Aside from that, board games build critical thinking and social skills - all while having tons of fun and bonding with the family.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1…, ready or not, here I come! Who doesn’t love to play hide and seek? A classic and timeless game, hide and seek is guaranteed to provides hours of fun. If you're low on space or other participants, you can even add more spice by involving your kids' toys, making it an imaginative experience for everyone!


It doesn’t get much better than cooking up a storm in the kitchen. It's engaging, can teach your kids to participate in household activities and best of all, you get to eat the results. Yum! Pizza and cookie recipes are great options to start with. Have the kids set up the table to complete the pretend restaurant experience.


Transform your living room to a dancefloor with a fun playlist and creative lighting. Add glowsticks and flashlight spotlights. Let your kids choose their favorite dance outfit to really get them in the mood!


Challenge your kids to some good old-fashioned drawing games such as Hangman or Pictionary. These games not only stimulate creativity but also bring out lots of laughter as the answers are ultimately revealed.


Create a treasure hunt by preparing clues that will lead to special prize. With each clue leading to the another and another, your kids will have a blast following directions and solving whatever mysteries you have prepared for them. Your hidden treasure need not be expensive. It could be as simple as chocolates or maybe a bit of screen time!


Gather scissors, glue, colored pens, magazines, and photographs and make scrapbooks. Scrapbooks are lovely projects to take to school as a “show and tell," give to grandparents as gifts or just keep for trips down memory lane years from now.


Whether it’s pop-up tents or forts made of pillows and blankets, you can let your kids experience camping without having to deal with mosquitoes or mud. Don’t forget to make smores!


Store this list in your back pocket and save it for another rainy day to combat your children’s inevitable boredom. Embrace these moments to bond with your kids, create lasting memories and turn every indoor day to a delightful adventure