Truth is, there will never be enough times I can say those precious words to match what you have done for me. You are irreplaceable―thank you for being my first and best teacher.
Thank you for carrying me for 9 whole months, for enduring morning sickness and agonizing contractions. That must’ve hurt like hell. Thank you for teaching me that there are things in this world that are worth sacrificing your life for.

Thank you for seeing beauty in me when you first held me in your arms even if I resembled a distorted potato. Thank you for teaching me that I am beautiful every single day.

 Thank you for every sleepless night you did not abandon me despite my ugly crying. Thank you for teaching me that I am worth it.


Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of learning, teaching me the alphabet with your endearing baby voice. Those lessons laid the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity and knowledge-seeking.


Thank you for always being someone I could run to whenever I got scared. For holding my hand on the first day of school and reassuring me that everything would always be okay. Thank you for all the nights we spent doing homework and for being patient when I didn’t understand what I had to do.


Thank you for letting me borrow pieces from your wardrobe and makeup kit so I can emulate you. You encouraged me to express my individuality and creativity through my unique fashion choices. Thank you for teaching me to be my authentic self no matter what.


Thank you for letting me vent every time I want to cry. For giving me the advice that I need, instead of the advice I want, and for teaching me to go after whatever feels right.


Thank you for showering me with love but not spoiling me. You have taught me to become a strong, independent woman that works for what she wants.


Thank you for being everything I could have ever asked for and most importantly, for showing me exactly the type of woman I aspire to become.


Thank you, Mom, for being my ultimate inspiration and lifelong teacher. There is no gift that can match the immeasurable impact you have had on my life. I know I’ve said it sixteen times now but let me say it again, “Thank you, Mom!” and I love you.