Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to teach your kids about love and the different ways we can show this. 
Break away from the conventional and give your kids a chance to reinterpret the meaning of love and create their own version of Valentine’s day.

Colors of Love

Let them experiment with a wide spectrum of hues and create artworks to share with family members. Trust us, grandparents and aunties are bound to gush over the masterpieces they receive from these little cupids.  

To match, pastels, purples, and even unexpected shades like teal or mint can add a refreshing twist to the traditional color scheme. Encourage them to explore different combinations, perhaps incorporating patterns or textures for added flair. Let them mix and match colors to create a palette that not only reflects their definition of love but also showcases their limitless imagination.

Blooming Tales

Get your little princesses their first Valentine’s surprise. A little bouquet or a single rose can go a long way to make them feel special and loved even if their parents might go on a date without them tonight.

If you do decide to make it a family affair, add a touch of the floral flair to their look. Such charming ensembles (especially when matched with their mommy) would hopefully make your little princess enjoy her childhood and not be in too much of a hurry to grow up.

Thoughtful expression

On this day of love, encourage them to treat Valentine’s day as an extra special occasion to express their appreciation for the people who don’t get enough thanks. They can write simple thank you notes to their teachers, house helpers and other members of the community that would appreciate a lovely surprise. It’ll be a valuable lesson of gratitude veiled under the guise of fun. The unexpected gesture will bring a smile on anyone’s face, your child included.

Likewise, let your little ones find joy in expressing themselves through their wardrobe, turning Valentine's Day into an celebration of self-expression. As they cultivate their unique sense of style, they will not only discover the beauty in self-appreciation but also gain the confidence to showcase their authentic selves – and be celebrated for it.


Snuggle worthy

Get them excited for the upcoming day of hearts and consider making the theme of your celebration echo the universal love of kids for all things chocolate. But this isn’t just about getting sugar rush from eating sweets; it’s all about creating an atmosphere that's as warm and comforting as a mug of their favorite chocolate drink. Embrace the moments you’ll share, intertwining the taste of chocolates with the tender embrace of cuddles. These simple pleasures can transform Valentine's Day into a warm memory, where every shared laugh and sugary treat makes them feel wrapped in love.


Sky’s embrace

The love of a child is unmatched – the depths of it are unimaginable and unconditional. But for their tender little hearts, expressing this profound love can at times feel too overwhelming. When Valentine’s day fast approaches, they think with all their heart to figure out the best way to say ‘I love you’. So, why not set the stage for a celebration that mirrors their boundless love and joy? Think in metaphors and look up at the vastness of the sky: capture its seemingly infinite beauty in the perfect dress. Consider this pleated number reminiscent of clouds drifting across a sunset-painted sky, infusing their outfit with a charm that resonates as deeply as the love within your little cherubs.


Valentine’s day is different for kids; they don’t usually think it’s an event they can enjoy – but there are endless ways for us adults to make it extra special for them. While dressing up for the occasion adds a special touch, how you choose to celebrate the day will truly define the experience. Our wish is for it to become an unforgettable memory with your little cupids, one that you can bottle up in your hearts forever.