The Secrets Untold

The narratives shaping a woman’s life extend far beyond society's fixation on appearances. Yet, all too often, their journey is overshadowed by discussions about body image. While these discussions are crucial to push forward the cause of women’s empowerment, they represent just a fraction of a whole life story. Women should never be defined by their size. Failing to acknowledge the full depth and breadth of who they are and the complexities of their journey is a disservice to their humanity.
Women deserve to be celebrated for their achievements, their voices, and their authenticity. It takes an incredible amount of courage to be unapologetically true to themselves in a world that often seeks to confine and define them. 
You are the celebration
Women have long been making strides in pursuit of dreams and ambitions for themselves and for the betterment of society. Many have become beacons of inspiration, their stories resonating with passion and resilience. Some have etched their names into history for daring to challenge the status quo, leaving behind stories that continue to inspire us.
Yet we shouldn't also forget the untold stories of women like you who bravely embrace your true selves in the face of societal pressure. Let the story be about our everyday choice to live for ourselves. Let it be about our ability to find strength even when we’re feeling vulnerable. Celebrating our individual stories only strengthens our collective story as women.
You are your happiness
Amidst the broader narrative of empowerment and self-acceptance, the everyday lives of women encompass more than just bold statements. Indeed, we are still far from a society free from derogatory statements and underhanded side comments, but the rallying cry doesn't always have to be blatantly defiant and in your face.
What we seek are choices that we can make for ourselves- not dictated by anyone else. We want to be able to choose our own happiness. We want comfort and style in our outfits. It's about finding clothes that complement who we are and reflect our sense of style without being limited or confined to any labels. It’s about dressing for our own pleasure, not for others’ validation.
Being able to stand tall, speaking your mind and wearing pieces that make you feel like your best self is already a statement in itself. Through these seemingly small actions, we are, at the very least, moving towards a society where women can live, speak and dress on their own terms.
You are the main the character
At the heart of your journey lies the essence of who you are beyond all the triumphs and struggles. These are the parts of the story that the author often leaves out. Yet, these other facets of day-to-day lives, from the extraordinary to the mundane are bits and pieces that also help build character
A brunch out with friends, a movie marathon with family, a solo date at the cafe or diving into a dissertation –  these moments are as much a part of your narrative, emphasizing your role as protagonists of your own story. You are entitled to have your own interests and hobbies. All the little quirks that are uniquely your own make you shine more brilliantly wherever you go. It’s all of this and more that make you into the beautiful human being that you’ve become.
Just keep in mind: your journey, your experiences, and your story are uniquely yours. Remember to find comfort and strength in your own personal narrative. Embrace it, own it, and let it empower you.
Women’s month has already ended, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that our time is over. Celebrate who you are, how far you’ve come and where you want to go anywhere and anytime you want to. You are worth celebrating every day of the year.