We wear zodiac pendants, buy crystals to place on our bedside tables and study horoscopes for cosmic guidance on our love/work lives, so why shouldn’t our birth month have a bearing on what we should wear?

Consulting our zodiacs can be a fun and playful way to recast our closet. So, here’s a celestial shopping guide for each sign to inspire you this season.



While everyone else follows the crowd, Aries is in the front, leading the pack. Heads turn when the fire sign walks into a room―probably thanks to their bold outfit choices.



Taurus have very rich tastes. They’re independent and are always ready to jump into the newest and eye-catching trends.



Geminis favor anything with a whimsical, fun pattern, complemented by playful hues. At the end of the day, fashion is an outlet Gemini uses to communicate with the world around them.



A true hopeless romantic, a Cancer wears their heart on their sleeve. Preferring not to draw attention, this emotional water sign favors softer silhouettes with subtle color palette of pale blues and whites.



Leos are creative, bold and they like to dress up and dress for the occasion. They love to be noticed that’s why statement-making prints and colors are what they usually go for.


Timeless and conservative are their default setting, which is why Virgos always go for neutrals and classy shift dresses.



There’s nothing you love in an outfit more than soft, smooth textures, so your airy sign will adore this season’s delicate florals.



Scorpios’ style can be both powerful and sexy, yet still very low-maintenance and simple. This water sign tends to have an emotional, feminine core, but they don’t usually express it through their outfit choices, instead preferring to dress in an all-black ensemble.



There’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to a Sagittarius’ style. They go crazy over embellished pieces for that subtle flashy yet chic vibe.



Capricorn is all about functional dressing. They tend to want to dress for success and look polished. Tailored dresses are the main foundation for Capricorn’s wardrobe.



No one tells an Aquarius what to do―or what to wear. They’re usually the trendsetters and they march to the beat of their own drum, following their own impulses about what they think is cool.



You’re the zodiac’s romantic, and with this season’s dreamy florals, you may have found your fashion soulmate.


Sometimes it feels impossible to find something to wear. Instead of staring at your closet for hours, try looking to the stars. Your next go-to outfit may already be written in the sky.





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