We’re close to spending the third month of social distancing and it’s no secret that the pandemic is already changing the way we dress. Sure, getting dressed might look and feel different now, but as per usual, it’s a tool for approaching each day with a clean slate.

That’s why we rundown some styling essentials on how to elevate your virtual hangout looks and how to approach dressing indoors during these trying times.

What we’ve learned? Yes, sweatpants are still the MVPs of quarantine, but nothing beats statement tops and bold dresses to create the perfect center-“screen” outfits.


When that sudden Skype call catches you by surprise, don’t panic. Opt for this wrap dress to achieve a look that’s confident yet cozy.
A staple in any wardrobe, a denim dress can instantly elevate your outfit from on-the-couch casual to still on-the-couch chic.
Whether you spend your time answering emails or catching up on Instagram, you’ll look fabulous doing it in this chic, soft top.
Beat the heat in this flattering, summery look dress. The ruffles on the skirt definitely adds a fresh touch.
This cool yet feminine top boasts a subtle sophistication that means it’s conference call appropriate. 



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