Christmas is officially just a few days away. That means it’s time to really get into the Christmas spirit- whatever that means for you. Different personalities come to life during this season. Here are the more prominent ones:
Embodying the spirit of generosity, this person’s mantra will always be, “it’s better to give than to receive.” A true benefactor, she showers loved ones with gifts, delectable treats, and undivided attention. Her Christmas list spans multiple pages and includes everyone she knows from officemates, distant relatives, acquaintances, and even long-lost friends she hasn’t heard from in a long time. She always has extra gifts lying around just in case she meets a new friend or sees someone in need of holiday cheer.
The opposite of Santa, there’s always that one person who can’t wait for the holiday season to be over. The traffic, the extra expenses, and the exhaustion of way too many social gatherings can take its toll. It’s nothing personal but the grinch would prefer not to receive a gift from you so she doesn’t need to give you one as well.
This person is the epitome of selflessness. Sure, she could be spending her holidays abroad, but she would rather volunteer at a foundation or plan a Christmas party for the less fortunate. She knows the true meaning of Christmas. She’s spent a lot of time and money for this annual event but it’s no problem at all. She knows everything will be worth it in the end.
Obsessed with fruitcake, cookies, eggnog and seasonal delights, food is the way to her heart. She spends hours and hours in the kitchen preparing holiday goodies to give away. Her usual recipients are always excited to sink their teeth into her latest culinary creations. She is busy all up till Christmas Eve as she prepares the star of the Noche Buena.
Santa’s workshop is staffed by a team of industrious elves who help him prepare for Christmas. Their real-life counterparts are the super sale shoppers who can’t pass up on the best deals of the season. They make sure their budgets are maximized by being in the know whenever there is a sale, voucher code or any way to save a buck or two.
She is fully booked for the holidays. She could use a flying reindeer for all her holiday engagements and travels too. Her social media accounts are filled with swoon-worthy photos from her parties and travels out of town and abroad. There’s no better time to maximize holidays and use her leaves than at Christmas time, of course!
Frosty is all about bringing Christmas cheer to all, young and old.  From tasty food and drinks, venue, lively music, and eye-catching decorations, this person is a master in events planning. Whether it’s an office Christmas party or an annual family get-together, she’ll initiate to do all the preparations and manage on her own.

The holidays bring out the best (and worst) in people. With Christmas quickly approaching, take some time to reflect on your holiday personalities. Which one resonates most with your festive spirit?


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