Vote Carefully Vote Colorfully

Undecided or completely solid for your candidate? Here are a few things to ponder on before showing your true colors come election day.

It’s hard to imagine life without colors. They have the power to convey moods and feelings at a point in time as well as the power to represent our desires and aspirations.

As it’s just a few days away before the elections, it might be a good time to confirm or reassess if we are wearing the right colors.



Yellow was once the “it” color during the campaign period, but the color is now tarnished with the connotation of being associated with mistakes of past administrations. Certain camps resort to labelling people as “dilawan” or “yellowtards” to insult and divert the topic from real issues. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to wear and choose a candidate that represents sunshine and a breath of fresh air in this dirty political landscape.


Do not vote for the blue that represents toxic masculinity that belittles and undermines the strengths and rights of women and the LGBTQ+ community. Vote for the blue that represents harmony and peace like the sky.



We are all against red tagging as a tactic to smear candidates that are pushing for the interests of the marginalized communities. Red is supposed to symbolize courage to show up, face the important issues and fight for the right. Hopefully, that is a color the candidates you are voting for can wear proudly.

These days, red is also associated with the platform of unity. It is worthwhile to think about what or who are being united though and for what purpose. If it’s unity that only benefits political dynasties or the welfare of the elite, maybe it is wise to think twice. But if it’s unity that encourages citizens to disregard their differences and work towards a common good, that is truly something special.



Pink used to represent the softness and fragility of little girls. In 2022, pink not only shows the strength of women, but pink has also evolved to be a gender-neutral color, representing the radical love that humans, no matter what gender, are capable of. The toughest of men are not insecure and can wear pink proudly. Radical love, as they say, is powerful beyond measure.



Green is a lovely color that represents nature and springtime. In recent times, the color has been abused by people and companies that resort to greenwashing to disguise their vested interests. The color green and animal symbols are not guaranteed to be authentic 100% of the time. It is good to examine whether the color and symbols are being used responsibly.

Check if your candidates truly care about the environment and embody the principles that their green color stands for.



We know “checkered” is not a color, but it is good to note this pattern as well. Checkers is a classic that never gets old and is always reliable. Checks represent boldness and being up for any challenge.

The government definitely needs checks, particularly checks and balances. What does each candidate say about transparency and accountability? Also, make sure your candidates check the right boxes in terms of their track record and achievements before you check (or shade) their name on the ballot.



Lastly, let there be white. White symbolizes simplicity, purity and being positive in life. It may be good to consider a candidate who is white, not in terms of skin tone but rather in their conscience, with a clean record to show.

White also symbolizes clarity. May all our minds be clear so we can discern facts from opinions, truth from lies. Each vote is sacred and will determine the fate of the whole country for us and future generations. Let us vote with a clear conscience that we are making the right decision not just for our own interest but the greater good of all Filipinos.

We can learn a bit or two from each color. There is no right or wrong color to choose as long as we understand and appreciate them correctly. With regards to the candidates, that is another story. Whatever your chosen color is, which hue represents your priorities when choosing a candidate, gauge your choices well. How do they stack up to the standards of your chosen color? How do they stack up to the standards of each of the colors?

It is in opening our eyes, our minds, and hearts that we can see things beyond black and white, beyond color vs color. It is in embracing all colors and considering all aspects that we can become wiser, more informed and more responsible voters this coming elections.

So, whoever you are voting for, for all the positions up for grabs, we hope we encouraged you to think, rethink and decide with a clear head and conscience.

PS: Remember to shade only one president so your vote can be counted. You only have one ballot. Vote carefully and vote colorfully!


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