Perhaps you ended 2021 with more items than you really need. Almost 2 years into the pandemic, there are just some items in our 2019/2020 closet we would never be caught wearing anymore in 2022.

Now that the new year has rolled around, it’s about time to sort through some pieces that have been hanging in your wardrobe, unworn (or maybe unseen), for far too long. This might be a really good time for a wardrobe re-set. Enter the “KonMari” methodlay all your clothes on the bed, check them one by one and ask yourself these questions:

  • “Does this spark joy?”
  • “Have I stopped wearing this?”
  • “Should I let this piece go?”

 For every item you discard, thank it for the purpose it has served you. Let go and let your closet be filled with only things that make you happy. Dressing up will be more enjoyable with a clean, organized closet full of items you love.

With the 2nd (or 3rd) season of the pandemic, our outlook on certain things have shifted over. With this, people are able to see the bigger picture and realize the things they value most. Many are now more discerning and focus more on quality over quantity, adopting a curated wardrobe and investing in pieces that will last.

If this sounds like you, here’s an edit of 5 key pieces to simplify your wardrobe.

The MVP of all basics. Versatile, easy to wear and easy to style.


This silk set is chic enough to dress up for Zoom cocktail hour, or if you want to continue working from bed or lounge in it all day, every day. You just know this definitely sparks joy.


The chameleon in your closet. It makes any look more classic and effortless.

When in doubt, opt for this simple sleeveless dress in an on-trend pleated hemline.

An easy and effortless closet staple to make you look polished and put-together with zero effort.


Start the year right with a clear mind and clean home. You’ll come to realize that tidying up and refreshing your closet is not a chore at all but a beautiful reboot you owe yourself.

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