Letting yourself relax does not mean you are being lazy. It does not mean you are slacking and do not deserve to achieve success. It just means that you are self-aware and self-loving.
 When your body is too tired and your heart is weary, sit down and let yourself rest. Take care of yourself first because your sanity comes before anything else.
Rest is about uninterrupted time, that’s luxury for many.
Sometimes rest looks like lounging around the house, doing your skincare and binge watching your favorite series.
Sometimes rest is getting up early and watching the glow of sunrise while sipping a cup of coffee.
Sometimes it’s dinners with long conversations.
Sometimes it’s going for a walk around the neighborhood with nothing other than your own thoughts.
Sometimes rest is calling your family or your best friend to give you the energy you need to get through the day.
Maybe your moment of rest is writing down what you’re grateful for in your journal.
Whatever your rest looks like, we hope you take it. We hope you take the seconds and see how much lighter you feel. And then we hope you take the minutes and the hours that you need.
And then we hope you dare to be so bold as to take an entire day.
Just because you deserve it.







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