As the curtains close on the holiday season, the anticipation for the Lunar New Year takes center stage. Commemorating the first new moon of the lunar calendar, this celebration unfolds with a myriad of traditions and festivities ―featuring firecrackers, dragon dances, sumptuous feasts, cascades of confetti, and more.
If you’re gearing up for any Lunar New Year festivities this year, we’ve curated not just nice-looking outfits but those that rise to the occasion and attract good fortune, too. So, whether you want to infuse a splash of red as a good luck charm or channel you’re the spirit of the dragon, here are undeniably stylish ensembles to ignite your celebratory look.
In Chinese culture, red reigns supreme as a symbol of strength and power. Aside from decking your house out in red decors, donning red attire is also believed to ward off demons and usher in good luck.
Tradition suggests a wardrobe updates for a prosperous New Year. Out with the old, and in with the new. Kick things off by getting a new dress that makes you feel ready to impress any day of the year.
During the Lunar New Year, elders traditionally distribute red envelopes with money inside. No matter the amount, the money is said to be lucky and symbolic of more success and prosperity to come. Attract success and prosperity too by enveloping yourself in positivity and a lucky red hue to match.
Wearing white or black is a definite no-no for the Lunar New Year. Most, if not all people would be in red. Stand tall above the rest with a classy red dress with a unique V neckline and gold back zipper detail.
It’s said that the year of your zodiac animal does not bring in the best of luck. You’re more likely to offend and get cursed by Tai Sui, the God of Age. To counteract any misfortune associated to your birth year, it is recommended to wear the universally auspicious color, red. (of course, it’s red!)
The celebration of the Lunar New Year transcends so much more than superstition or tradition. It’s also a time to celebrate successes, health, family, and life in general. No matter how you are spending your day, who knows―maybe wearing red could bring serendipitous change to your life. If not, well, at least you’ll look gorgeous from the first day of the Lunar New Year, which is always a good sign of more good things to come.

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