Love a statement sleeve? The puff sleeve trend is definitely for you. Just a little puff elevates the look of any top or dress whether for casual and formal occasions. It’s a subtle but impactful upgrade that’s been deemed to be iconic and is a go-to for fashion girls everywhere.

And because people are itching to get out there again, we’ve rounded up the best puff sleeve numbers that are sure to be head turners at any social function.

Puffy sleeves automatically make any outfit look polished, but why not take it up a notch by injecting a pop of color? Level up your look with this vibrant-hued top that features a keyhole neckline.


Embrace your feminine side with this puff sleeve dress with pleats detail.

Let your top do the talking with this statement-making watercolor-inspired number.


Whether you’re a romantic or after something demure, this delicate satin top with pearl embellishment feels softer and more whimsical than your basic tees.


Don’t be afraid of details beyond just the puff sleeves. This one features a floral print that is as confident and unique as you are.

The puff sleeve trend is an ultra-current interpretation of modern femininity and has undoubtedly become a fashion stalwart. As with women, its uniqueness lies in its soft elegance combined with undeniable strength and confidence.


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