Valentine’s Day is coming up. By now you might have reservations in a fancy restaurant (because we know that has to be done months ahead) and your gift for your significant other (or yourself) has been purchased too. Just one last thing, do you have an outfit ready?
 The good news? Whether you will be heading out for a romantic evening with your partner, celebrating with friends and family, or having a self-care night in, we’ve curated and provided some fashion inspos for you. Keep scrolling to discover outfits that you might just fall in love with this Valentine’s Day and beyond.
True love knows no distance. As much as it’s ideal to see your date face to face, there are times when it is not possible and you can settle for the next best thing, Zoom dates. Let your partner feel special by dressing for the occasion. Put on this V-neck dress with eyelet detail on the sleeves to make a sweet statement. Your LDT bae will appreciate it!
For those still getting to know each other with no official labels or commitments, a laidback date might be appropriate. A café fits the requirements for this type of date. Try a crisp white top, relaxed pants, and ballet flats for a casual yet polished look.
Celebrate Valentines day with your significant other and your favorite other couple. Manifest candlelit dinner vibes with your bestie and her beau in this matching set that’s both easy and elegant.
A day dedicated to spending time with your besties makes Valentine’s Day less about serious romance and more about fun friendships. So, if your barkada has decided to dance the night away, why not wear something pretty yet comfy to twirl around with? Who knows, you might just get someone’s attention with this dress. *wink wink*
Imagine yourself having fun with the windows rolled down, the relaxing breeze in your face and some fun music in the background. It’s your sign to book your much-needed vacay with your hubby or the whole family. Make sure to be clad in comfy yet stylish clothes like this knit top. A pair of relaxed pants will make you feel more at ease during the long drive.
For a memorable date, opt for a classy and romantic outfit. This jacquard dress will bring a sense of allure and undoubtedly be the standout element of your look.
You know all the restaurants and malls are packed full on Valentines. If you prefer to just chill at home, stay in and binge on K-drama, you might as well grab a comfy yet luxurious PJ set. This look is also food baby-friendly: so, go ahead and stuff yourself with your favorite snacks!
Love is in the air, and as such, those of us who are planning to exchange flowers and boxes of chocolate are also beginning to ruminate on how we’ll spend the special day. No matter how you plan to spend the day, remember to show yourself a bit of love too.

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