When October rolls around each year, we can’t help but get excited and pretty anxious too! Finally, a day where we can ditch the day-to-day grind and pretend to be whoever (or whatever!) we want to be for a day or two. Despite the fun and festivities surrounding the holiday, planning what your Halloween costume can be a bit daunting. How does one channel the Halloween spirit while still looking polished from head-to-toe?


If you’re feeling nostalgic, a good ol’ traditional Halloween costume is a good place to start. It's a crowd pleaser and can be pulled off with an added touch of style. Below is a cheat sheet for effortless ways to recreate classic costumes using versatile clothes that you can wear any day of the year.



Witches don't need to be ugly. Take a traditional witch costume but make it wearable and opt for this tiered black dress! Complete the look with a witch's hat and you’re good to go! (Switch up your hat with a black cat-ear headband and you can easily transfigure to a cat like Professor McGonagall)



This costume proves that not all ghosts have to be ghastly. Throw on this classic white dress and wear a veil to complete the look!



Channel your inner Cinderella in this cool powder blue puff sleeve dress. Just add a tiara and a pair of elbow-length gloves and you’ll be the prettiest princess in town!



A chic and sophisticated schoolgirl costume is easy to DIY because all you need is this plaid skirt paired with a tank top or a button-down white shirt. A pair of eyeglasses and a backpack complete the look!



Feeling angelic? Quickly pull together an angel costume with this white dress, just add your signature angel wings and a halo headband.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can also be the chicest devil in this red dress with embellished neckline. Rock the look with a pitchfork and a horn headband!


It’s great to invest in these basic pieces to recreate some of your favorite traditional Halloween costumes. They are easy to dress up, dress down or dress for the part. A bit of make-up, a few props and your acting skills are all you need and you're good to go.




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