Motherhood: Tough Challenge, Great Rewards

The moment a woman transitions into a mother, she automatically and irreversibly enters a new world that pushes her to her limits. It’s a journey that requires unconditional love, sacrifice, and selflessness. All previous notions and expectations are nothing compared to the reality that lies ahead. 

While the journey to motherhood is paved with great rewards, it is also a path that demands much strength and resilience.

Enduring the physical toll would just be the tip of the iceberg. Mothers must carry their child for months and deliver her baby. In spite of the pains of pregnancy and labor, she is rewarded with the unparalleled honor and feeling of bringing new life and holding her newborn child for the first time.

But motherhood does not stop at the birth of her child.



Her child is a gift from above, a treasure to cherish and love but one that comes with immense responsibility. Her child is her contribution and legacy to the world. Her own personal needs and struggles do not disappear but they are set aside for the sake of her family. She carries them with a straight face. She does not let her troubles show. More than that, with each of her child’s happy milestones, she glows. And with each tear her child cries, she bleeds. From each bump or scrape, to failed exams to heartbreaks, there is nothing in the world she would not do to protect and comfort them. 


As years pass, her child grows and thrives. She takes on different roles as a caregiver, teacher, confidante, advisor and friend. She cannot shield her child from the harsh realities of the world but she’d like to believe she has prepared her child to face life head-on. Her child will grow up, finish school and maybe become a parent one day.


Even then, she will be there. Always ready. Always willing. She gets a sense of fulfillment as she relishes each moment. Her sacrifices were not put to waste. The love and bond she shares with her children is something that can never be bought nor replicated. Bringing in and raising a wonderful human being is an incredible achievement.


While the journey of motherhood is often overshadowed by the physical and emotional challenges, there exists an immeasurable satisfaction that only those who embark upon it will know.


To all mothers, the whole world thanks you for all that you do. 


This Mother’s Day and every day, take the time to appreciate the mothers who have made each day possible (including yourself if you are one).


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