‘Tis the season of parties! The bashes never stop in the big lead-up to the holiday season―and making all those appearances can put a serious strain on your wardrobe. After all, it’s a challenge to keep coming up with looks that are fabulous, festive, and unique every single time. But we’re here to help with inspiration from modern day duchesses, princesses, and queens!


Below is a round-up of how you can embody an effortlessly flawless style, never overdressed and underdressed, with these chic ensembles to be your very own confident and composed queen.



How come it seems that we only remember how good we look in white when it is a wedding event? Look regal and sophisticated in this white tweed dress with pocket trimming detail. 

Shop Patriz dress:



Is a teal more your thing? Say yes to this sleeveless dress with adjustable straps and make it your go-to teatime ensemble.

Shop Felicia dress:



This fit and flare dress that features a pomelo hue is equal parts bold and bright, perfect to wear this season and beyond.

Shop Carolina dress:



Ribbons and bows create maximum cheer, as featured in this sleeveless dress. After too many occasions spent at home, celebrate being out and about in this bow-detailed dress.

Shop Araminta dress:



No royal closet is complete without a tweed ensemble.  If you don’t have one yet, consider getting these coordinates to elevate your wardrobe.

Shop Saab top:;

Shop Deborah skort:



True royalty is never tacky. If you’re the type with a penchant for the classics, this dress with pocket detail is the perfect fit for you.

Shop Sylvie dress:



Not every occasion calls for something super formal. Royals are human too. Still feel festive and ensure you always pop in the annual family photo in this classic red floral top.

Shop Rachelyn top:


For many people, PJs and casual fits are the outfit of choice when it comes to dressing for the holiday season. But when it comes to owning Christmas dressing, no one does it quite like the royals. This comprehensive guide to dressing like one can make you look festive and expensive for your super-fancy cocktail parties and holiday soirees. Be picture-perfect and nail that look just like a true royal queen!

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