As spooky season descends upon us, we get busy putting together the ultimate horror movie watchlist, buying candies for trick-or-treaters and preparing themed decorations. More often, we find ourselves a bit stumped for costumes once again.
And while some people live for elaborate Halloween costumes that take weeks (or months) of careful planning, you don’t need to reach Heidi Klum levels of commitment to call it a day. Lucky for you, we’ve got a solution for those who prefer a low-key approach to dressing up for Halloween. We’ve curated a list of Halloween costumes that require little to no effort at all. Not only can you get ready in a cinch, but you’re bound to save some coins while you’re at it. Just add a prop or wig then you’re Halloween-ready!



This dress is as close as you can get to dressing like a Bridgerton character. The A-line silhouette, puff sleeves and ribbon detail at the back are all on point. With a gorgeous updo hairstyle and tiara, you’re bound to turn heads and win hearts.



Til death do you part, right? Embrace the eerie elegance of a bride beyond the grave.  Don a white dress, dull down your makeup and add a lace veil for a hauntingly beautiful effect.


Embody a true queen of the Upper East Side or the city of love. Just step into a timeless tweed set. Add a vintage clip, head band or beret. Let your makeup do the rest and you’re all set.


Dressing up like a fairy tale princess may seem a bit cliché. Why not come as a fairy godmother and make everyone’s dreams come true instead? Just wear this sweet asymmetrical dress and complete the look with a wand and ethereal fairy wings.


Now’s the time to spread your wings. A simple white frock is a great addition to any closet and the foundation of a classic last-minute costume that’s easy to throw together on a time crunch. Top off the heavenly look (or illusion) with angel wings and a halo.


Go rogue! Channel the fearless spirit of GI Jane with military-inspired ensemble.  Just grab a black tank top or tee and pair this with green cargo pants. If you’re feeling extra, add a rugged jacket or combat boots for an authentic and empowering look.


How hard can it be to pose as a British royalty, right? Dress as a very confident and composed queen-in-the-making with this timeless and classic tweed dress. Finish off the look with a matching feathered fascinator and you’re all set for your coronation.


There are two kinds of people who celebrate Halloween: those who have their costumes mapped out a year in advance, and those who only throw something together at the last minute. If you’re the latter, there’s no shame in the procrastination game. It all takes a bit of resourcefulness, a touch of makeup and the right props or accessories and you’re on your way to dazzle in true Halloween fashion.

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