The holidays are fast approaching and whether you’ve checked everyone off your gift list or still have some last-minute shopping left to do, a good night’s sleep should hopefully be on the agenda. Does anyone really near an excuse to invest in a gorgeous pair of luxe pajamas? You know you deserve it!

Your loved ones probably deserve a set as well, one to match yours or in a different color – you decide. This is definitely a no-fail gift for family and friends of all ages.

Here are our favorite luxurious silky-soft PJs to shop now. Forewarning, these sets are so cozy and comfy, they might actually get you more excited about bedtime.

Blues are charming, calming and absolutely classic. Sapphire tones are known to calm nerves and help achieve mental clarity. These blue PJs emit a subtle note to self that it’s time to finally wind down and relax from a busy day.

These glamorous gem-colored PJ sets are great conversation-starters and a bestseller for those who love all things purple. Aside from that, these PJs are actually inspired by Amethyst stones which are known to be effective in healing and clarifying, setting the tone for peaceful slumber.

You really don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when it comes to anything – even sleepwear. These sets inspired by rose quartz exudes love in all forms.  These can take you from pillow-side lounge sessions to Zoom video calls with nary a costume change.

Aquamarine stirs memories of the beach and the deep blue sea. It’s also an extremely elegant color that is very flattering in whatever shape and form, whether in formalwear or sleepwear too.

There’s no bad time to shop for a new set of cozy pajamas, but the holidays are an exceptionally good time. Whether it’s for yourself or for someone else, a new pair of PJs are always welcomed gift.

 Paperdolls Pajama Sets come in a wide variety of colors and are available in shorts sets or long pajama pants sets. Get your quick as these are currently in limited supply only!



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