Truth is, it’s almost Christmas. This means that we are about to reach the height of party season, a period of time in which you will likely be attending more than a handful of festive shindigs- all very necessary.

It is a joyous time, but the events tend to really pile up and come all at once. The best way to be prepared is to nab yourself an outfit for each well-documented event.  This ensures that you’re primed and look your best in all of those photos.
Having a ton of outfits is a great way to indulge in that festive spirit. But having a few versatile pieces that you can also wear on any month of the year will also help you to dress more consciously and ultimately help you save money in the long run.
Say no more! We rounded up a list of holiday-appropriate outfits that you can still wear on pretty much any day of the year.
Navigate formal affairs on the agenda with a lace dress that transcends the holidays. This piece is an investment piece you can wear on dates or any special occasion in your calendar.
Looking for a versatile red dress you can wear to a Christmas party and beyond? This tiered frock just about takes the cake. Suitable for an office party or weekend dates too, you’re sure to get a lot of wear out of this number.
Respond to an all-white party invitation with this sleeveless sheath dress. It’s a transitional day-to-night look that easily goes from business to pleasure.
A head-to-toe brown ensemble conveys a sense of irreverence and put-togetherness all at once - ideal for a range of festivities, The good news is this one-color dressing can work even when worn at the office or cocktail hours.
For a contemporary twist on evening wear, the timeless elegance of a well-tailored blazer knows no bounds. It’s chic, understated and infinitely versatile. Whether paired with matching trousers for a polished look or with a simple white tee and skirt for an off-duty vibe, a blazer is a great accent piece with no expiration date.


Sleeping extra late on Christmas Eve, we often forget we also have lunch reunions on Christmas day. There’s nothing easier than throwing on a shirt dress on Christmas morning. It’s a no-fuss, comfortable look, that still retains a sense of fun thanks to this floral embroidery and sweet pink hue. This wardrobe staple will definitely serve you well any time you need a quick fix any time of the year.



Embrace the holiday mood by opting for luxurious satin pajamas perfect for Christmas morning, family brunches or laidback days lounging around the house. Rolling out of bed to spend time with your loved ones never looked chicer. Elevate your loungewear game and add a touch of refinement to moments of relaxation.



When spending the holidays out of town or looking for something to wear for brunch dates, take advantage of this geometric printed dress. Transition easily from day to night by pairing heels and you’re ready to sashay in style.


So, whether you’re in the running for your party’s “Best Dressed” or just need a ton of outfits to survive the holidays, tis the time to start shopping if you haven’t already. Make it worth your time and money by choosing pieces that will serve you this whole season and the rest of the year too.

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