Last holiday season, visiting friends and family likely happened at a distance or by way of Zoom calls and FaceTimes. But holiday parties are slowly picking back up and many will finally reunite with their friends and family this year. And while kisses and hugs are gifts on their own, an actual present never hurt anyone. A thoughtfully chosen special something is the perfect way to show them just how much you care.

We’ve compiled our holiday gift guide to help you check off one (or more!) items on your shopping list.

Kitchen newcomers, cooking aficionados, art lovers and creative bakers would appreciate this chic gift set. Each set comes with a matching apron and scrunchie and a bonus room and linen spray. It will also arrive in an artfully designed gift box that won’t even require wrapping.


We all have that someone in our lives that lives by the mantra, “eat, sleep and repeat”, most especially after the pandemic when we’ve spent most of our time indoors (particularly in the bedroom). For these individuals, a luxurious silky-soft pair of PJs will go a long way.

For those who just love the thrill of a surprise, get them our mystery box. Each box contains 3 random items from our previous collections (2 tops and 1 dress in your chosen size) that are worth up to P5,999 but you only pay P1,999! Such a steal!

The little ones in your life deserve to look their best too! These pieces will have them excited to dress up just for the sake of it because why not.


Trends and prints come and go, but the fashionistas in your life can pull off these pieces whenever and wherever they may go.


We all have that one “kikay” friend that loves all things girly, anything pretty and pastel. Get her feeling giddy with these eye-catching gifts that are totally wear-worthy.

They are solid fixtures in your life, there for the good times and the bad―and this close, personal bond warrants something that goes the extra mile. Strengthen your bond with chic accessories, at-home staples and must-have bags to match with each other.  These gifts are sure to delight them all.

Finding a gift that’s worthy of the special bond the two of you share can be a bit of a mission. It has to be special, and it has to feel personal. These chic finds that will keep her looking stylish and will elevate her party looks will proof once again that you know each other like no one else does.

Finding the best gifts for moms can be both the easiest (they’ll love you no matter what!) and hardest (what do you get the woman who raised you?) to shop for on anyone’s holiday list! Here are some special gifts that are guaranteed to keep any mom smiling straight through to Mother’s Day.

Anyone who has shopped for a modern-day princess knows that if you do good once, she’ll expect that same level of thought once it comes time for her to unwrap her next gift. You might be feeling the heat. Whether she loves something cozy, sparkly or a little more luxurious, here are gifts that are sure to exceed her expectations and make her smile.


Finding the perfect gift for anyone is an art form. The gift should make them feel special, loved, and surprised. After all, we could use something to look forward to. You might even discover a few things to add to your own closet. There’s certainly nothing wrong with treating yourself. Go forth and shop with ease with this round-up of some of our favorite gifts just waiting to be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree.




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