Daydreaming lets us escape. We can be anything we want to be inside of our heads. Our daydream world is all our own. We are the heroes, and we call the shots. Heartbreak is only there to add dramatic tension, but we always get the happy ending we deserve in the end.

Some create memories and ponder on ways they wish their life would unfold. Some would dream quiet ones and cherish the delights of a perfect day.

Waking up early and looking out to see the sunbeams streaming through the bedroom window. Heading to the kitchen and filling up the kettle to make a good cup of coffee. Layering it with some music to boost that morning energy. Singing along and smiling while making a hearty breakfast.

Spending the afternoon outside, either driving to the beach or the mountains just for a glimpse of the beauty of the setting sun.

Laying back in bed and soaking up how lovely the day has been.

Take a pause from your daily grind to indulge yourself. If only for a few minutes or seconds even, with eyes closed or staring into space, we can live in this mind space for a bit. We can escape here when we need to―to a perfect day.


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