From easy-going Parisenne-chic ensembles to vibrant show-stopping outfits, here’s how you can emulate Emily’s wardrobe with some of our fave pieces.
J’adore! If you’re trying to make a statement, this bright and vivid candy-colored dress is a sure must-have.
 Who wouldn’t want to slip into this effortless, risqué green number that boasts an enviable combination of sophistication and chicness?
 Embrace your quirks and let your imagination run free in this whimsical printed dress, perfect for any day of the week.
 No matter where you live, every woman needs a little black dressone that exudes a classic silhouette for that timeless look.
 While we’d like to steal pretty much all of Emily’s plaid collection, here’s our own version of her “plaid” look that’s totally a knockoff!
 This pastel, fluttery dress is all about a cool and refreshing look. Oui? Oui!
 Definitely a pièce de resistance, we’re actually really vibing for this bold red dress.
After binge-watching the feel-good series, it’s safe to say that we fantasized over Emily’s new-found life and couldn’t help but obsess over her wardrobe. But whether we’re in Paris or not, we know we can bring the effortless “French” style to our everyday looks. Au revoir!

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