See Yourself in a New Light

While life is constantly evolving, change can be frightening. It is easier to stay stagnant than venture out to dark unfamiliar terrains. However, in avoiding risk and always choosing to stay within our comfort zones, we also risk missing out and getting stuck in the past. 

Through some introspection, practicing proactive habits and being open to change, we can rediscover a different version of ourselves—one that may be new but better.

Surround yourselves with the things you love

Identifying with the things you love is like basking in the radiance of a newly dawned day. It’s about embracing activities, hobbies, and even people that truly ignite your soul and bring you joy. Immerse yourself in activities that fill you with purpose, such as arts, sports, travel, or music. By creating avenues for self-expression, we provide ourselves outlets to freely explore our interests in a way that is authentic and true to who we are.

Detach yourself from things that hinder your growth

Similarly, achieving personal growth entails us to detach from things that hold us back—

negativity and doubts that may be detrimental to our goal of discovering our true sense of self. Managing these fears and anxieties is key to being able to step out of the dark and walk towards a brighter future. It may be important to assess whether the environments we are in are conducive for us to truly be ourselves. It is best to surround yourself in nurturing and supportive communities that encourage you to express yourself without fear of judgment.


Reignite your passions

Reigniting your passions is akin to reclaiming the spark in your soul that may have disappeared over time. An individual who has spent their entire life climbing the corporate ladder can suddenly reignite their passion for the arts. Likewise, an individual can revisit their favorite video games and hobbies as a child. Revisit issues and charitable causes you feel strongly about and  you might find your purpose. Tap into these passions in order to bring about a newfound sense of fulfillment and rediscover what living is truly about. Afterall, it is a powerful way to breathe new life into our lives. 

Be more accepting of detours

Detours can happen at any stage in our life, especially when you least expect it! While detours have its negative connotations, not all redirections are bad. Be more open to career changes, sudden relocations, or significant relationship developments as these occurrences also open the possibility of opening new doors. Who knows, you might love where you end up?

Be not afraid of change but rather, embrace it! Change is good! Expect life to throw you to different paths and challenges; only by staying true to yourself and appreciating the unique traits, and quirks that make you you, will you be able to see life and yourself in a whole new light.. 

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