As we bid scorching hot sunny days adieu, at least for the next few months, nature presents us with a gift that soothes the soul – A Little Fall of Rain. The gentle sound of raindrops may be exactly what we need to drown out all the noise, allowing us to listen to our own inner voice. The smell of rain is refreshing, calling us to break free of our inhibitions and dance in the rain.  Maybe we need rainy days to remind us that, yes, we can curl up and snuggle. But, some days, we just have to face the storms, get ourselves up and find ways to brighten up a gloomy day.
And while the weather may be dreary at times, you don’t have to be. Admit it or not, we are all guilty of letting the bed weather get to us, and a rainy day can often lead to ensembles comprised of sweatpants and oversized tees. That cycle ends today. Instead of letting the rain bring you down, it can actually inspire your fashion mood board. You’ll be left standing―or running underneath your umbrella―screaming, “rain, come at me.”



Sometimes, when the skies all around are gray, we forget that it is this very rain that sustains us and the rest of the natural world. Take this to heart and remember, it is because of days like these that we eventually bloom. So, feel free to take on some florals. Balance it out with quarter sleeves for when it gets chillier.


Storms will come and go. But after everything, trust that the sun will still shine. Brighten up everyone’s dreary, rainy day with a sunshine-y yellow piece and a sunny disposition to match.



Who says you can’t dance in the rain? Don’t let the rain get in the way of putting on a lovely smile and an equally gorgeous fit-and-flare dress.


Some rainy days are humid, and others are cold. If the weather is unpredictable, layering your basics with the perfect blazer will come in the clutch. An added bonus is that you look ultimately ready for whatever this day will bring.


We may only have wet and dry seasons but that doesn’t mean we can’t have an autumn wardrobe. All you really need to survive a rainy day in style is a cozy jacket that you can layer with a dress or a casual top.


A pair of easy pants paired with a tank top and jacket is the perfect outfit formula on a rainy day. Plus, it’ll dry much faster than a pair of denim skinny jeans should you get wet.


Rainy days can be a bummer. They can restrict your daily activities and wreak havoc on your mood. There’s no need to settle―you can wear mood-boosting pieces to help refocus, brighten up your day and everyone else’s.


Take A Little Fall of Rain as an opportunity to enjoy the music of nature, listen to your own voice, nurture your creativity and come out of this season more beautiful and stronger than before.






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